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the cover of hey girl magazine issue 6

Simon is the visionary behind ‘HEY GIRL,’ a groundbreaking media platform that celebrates creativity, equality, and collaboration. With its strong body positivity message, ‘HEY GIRL’ is influencing the realms of photography, fashion, and music.

All About HEY GIRL

HEY GIRL, is an independent and empowering positive media brand that celebrates talent, difference, and equality. Simon founded the brand in 2014, HEY GIRL captures the essence of personal stories through a captivating blend of fashion models and iconic photography.

At HEY GIRL, individuality matters, and it prides itself on being distinctive. The subjects featured in the magazine are given the autonomy to choose their own pictures, selecting the images that best represent their unique personalities. In an embrace of the power of reality, HEY GIRL has moved away from retouching or altering bodies, showcasing a commitment to promoting body and mental health. Real, honest, and positive interviews form the core of the magazine's content, providing a platform for authentic voices.


‘In my careers as both a model and photography its about creating stories with a team of talented,  artistic people and I understand how important  collaborations are. It is both empowering and refreshing that  Hey Girl gives the model final say on how they feel they should look and thereby makes her/him a big part of the collaborative team’

Helena Christensen / Model + Photographer

“Hey Girl is a magazine that captures the cool, the interesting and the eccentric in society and sheds light on individuality and style! Be You. Be Fearless. Be Authentic. 💜"

Kimberly Wyatt / Singer + Dancer

hey girl magazine LUINLULAND cool fashion middle aged influencer

“... Aging gracefully or ageing disgracefully?
Duh! DISGRACEFULLY all the way to the damn
grave ...”



Immerse yourself in the bold, beautiful, and empowering world of HEY GIRL online. Visit our website to discover more, including amazing musical talent on HEY GIRL Radio, inspiring video content on HEY GIRL Video, and much more. Experience the vibes now!

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